Dive Cafe

Rental Space

rental plan

We provide the cafe space for several ways.

Please choose the plan from below.

(TAX excluded.)

DiVE cafe space
The wall becomes a screen.
DiVE cafe kitchen
Profesional coffee Mill and Espresso machine are available, too!
dive cafe space
You can sell meals and alcohol, too!!

Plan A : Hall only

Good for Seminar, Workshop, Class, Music live etc.

  • Seats Maximum 20
  • Projector / White board available (free of charge
  • Available Time Mon.~Fri.  7〜11am、2〜12pm
             Weekends  9〜11:am、4〜12pm

Plan B : Kitchen only

Good for Cooking products, Making cooking video etc.

  • Kitchenware /Tableware / Ice maker etc. are free of charge!
  • Garbage disposal : 600円/45L of bag
  • Available Time Mon.~Fri.  7〜10:30am、2〜12pm
             Weekends  9〜10:30am

Plan C : Whole space

Good for Cooking class, 1day chef event etc.

  • You can use all materials of PlanA and B.
  • Available time : Mon.-Fri. 2〜12pm、Weekends 9am〜12pm
  • 1DAY Chef : Registration fee 5000yen(only the first time)+30% of income. We can make advice for your management if you need.
  • No need any license for cooking nor selling, but we ask the chef to attend our orientation in advance.

party plan

Reservation is available for more than 10 people. It is free for the space!!

Plan D : Drinks only

Good for meeting, study club etc.

  • You can reserve for 1.5 hours with 10 drinks at least.

Plan E : Buffet

Good for Birthday party, Music live etc.

  • You can reserve for 3 hours when you ordered Buffet menu.
  • Buffet includes 7 dishes, 2000yen without alcohol or 3500yen with bottyleless cup.(TAX excluded.)
  • Please ask the menu when you reserve.
(Photo is not the Buffet menu.)


If the calendar is not shown, please look at here 

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