Dive Cafe

About us

DiVE CAFE is the social cafe aimed for breaking the cultural barrier.

What is the cultural barrier?

There are many residents who have different nationalities, cultural backgrounds and appearances in Japan, however the mutual understanding between Japanese and them is not enough in general.

Aichi prefecture is Top 2 in Japan

Our local area, Aichi prefecture have the second big population of foreign nationalities. It means we have a lot of possibilities and difficulties together as the front liner of multicultural society.

This is the place to open your mind

We would like to make this place in which people can connect with new people, deep cultures and different views to enjoy their life.



Traveled around the world after quitting the local TV reporter, became a freelance writer/photographer to keep traveling. After all, moved to live in Nagoya to establish the NPO DiVE.tv missioned for reporting the people have multicultural backgrounds. Further more, opened DiVE CAFE to dive into the deeper part of unknown Japanese society.

Chef (Mon-Fri):Jessy

Emigrated from Brazil 20 years ago. Her handmade Coxinha (Brazilian fried potato dish) attract many people who missing Brazil…!

Bar Master (Mon-Fri):Naoki

Born in Japan but have the cultural background of the Philippines. He is professional for coaching, making networks and connecting people with their aimed business!

The document of making DiVE CAFE

What we try

We are supporting teenagers who have multicultural backgrounds to make the Japanese society more international, inclusive and colorful as respecting each other. They are influenced by the environment of their home and school, and sometimes it is difficult to keep their identity or confidence to be.

Please check the “It’s ME camp” we are supporting for it, and join us if you like!

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